Candiz Food Group Ltd. begins its activity in the Canadian market based on up-to-date standards in 2019.

The “Hidden Garden Foods” and the “Canadian Co-Packing” brands are Candiz sub-companies. Our vision is to expand and grow healthy foods. The owners of this company are a creative and business-loving couple named Mahsa and Hamid.


“Hidden Garden Foods” products are Gluten-Free and Nut-Free with four different flavours. All cookies are based on nourishing vegetables and also a good snack for a healthy lifestyle.

These cookies have been marketed in Canada, the US and Japan since 2015. You can purchase them from reputable stores.

“Hidden Garden cookies” include:

All products are available in three sizes in the market:

  • 150gr packages containing 12 to 17 cookies per pack.

  • 40gr packages containing 3 to 5 cookies per pack (suitable for children and also easy to carry as a snack).

  • 45gr cookies that are a large size of a single cookie (we offer to have it beside your coffee or tea and is suitable for use in coffee shops).


“Canadian Co-Packing” is one of the best packing companies. It is a great choice for companies with dry goods such as Cookies, Mix Powders, Granola, etc in British Columbia. “Canadian Co-Packing” will provide the highest quality and authentic services for your products. We want our customers to focus on marketing and selling their products in Canada and also the international market with confidence.


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